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A Lot of People Don’t Even Know They Should Stay Home

Note that stay-at-home orders have been a moving target, with five states still under no order and three states under partial orders, as of 5pm ET on Tuesday, and this … Read More

Learning about artificial intelligence: A hub of MIT resources for K-12 students

In light of the recent events surrounding Covid-19, learning for grades K-12 looks very different than it did a month ago. Parents and educators may be feeling overwhelmed about turning … Read More

PlayStation 5: Sony Reveals New DualSense Controller With Fresh Design, Improved Features

Sony has unveiled its new controller for the upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming console. The company is calling it ‘DualSense’, which is a departure from the ‘DualShock’ naming convention previously used … Read More

Benchmarking NiFi Performance and Scalability

Ever wonder how fast Apache NiFi is? Ever wonder how well NiFi scales? When a customer is looking to use NiFi in a production environment, these are usually among the … Read More